Il Laboratorio

The Laboratorio di Antropologia del Mondo Antico (LAMA) has been founded in 2001 by Riccardo Di Donato in the wake of previous experiences of seminars devoted to the study of Greek tragedy under an anthropological perspective.

This Lab developed various projects concerning the work of Louis Gernet and Jean-Pierre Vernant. The main outcome has been the constitution of the Archives Louis Gernet (ALG) and Archives Jean-Pierre Vernant (AJPV). The study of archive material has been the starting point for important scientific and editorial activities, such as the organization of the meeting “Polivalenza delle immagini: esempi omerici” and the publication of Polyvalence des images. Testi e frammenti sulla leggenda greca (Pisa 2004) – which contains unpublished texts of Louis Gernet – as the first volume of the Anthropoi series issued by ETS.

The Lab carried out also the digitisation and web-publishing of the whole material in Archives Louis Gernet and Archives Jean-Pierre Vernant, in order to ensure its accessibility to the scientific community.

The research activity of the members of the Lab (which includes graduates, PhDs and PhD students) focuses on different topics concerning the relationship among forms of thought, forms of expression and forms of societies, within Greek civilization of archaic and classical ages.

On the birth of Historical Anthropology of the Ancient World and its epistemological statute, see:

  • Di Donato, Per una antropologia storica del mondo antico (Firenze 1990);
  • Di Donato, Per una storia culturale dell’antico (Pisa 2013).